• How to Buy

    It is quick and easy to order. Please follow the steps below it.

    **  Every time before purchase please recheck (Log in) your name and shipping address is correct. **

    Step 1 . You can select the top menu Products> Product Type> Categories interest > Select the products you are interested.

    Step 2 . Clicking a product. You will find a product details and price of the product

    Step 3 . Choose the product you want and click then click”Add to Cart” to select an item in an ordered list or “Add to Wishlist” to select items into your interest .

    Step 4 . Choose the product you want buy , then click the ” shopping cart ” or “Wishlist” in the upper right corner of the screen.

    • Wishlist is a product that you are interested but you did not put the order. You can select the “Add to Cart” to order or to remove it from the list.
    • Cart is product that you order. After check the list of product information, click Next Step .

    Step 5 . Please check your “name – last name, shipping address ” then click Next Step .

    Step 6 . Please check a message in all orders and click “Confirm Order” .

    Step 7 . Please click ” invoice payment” for the next payment .

    ** When you have confirmed the order, the ordering information will be recorded on the system . **

    You can check your order at My Account page.

    If you have any questions on your order you can call us at Callcenter 02-751-9360 # 606 , 304 , 305 , 090-090-6797 or send email to (johnsonmkt@johnsonfitness.com)

  • How to Pay

    You can pay via Aeon Payment Gateway and SCB Easy Net.



    Step 1 . Steps to place an order . In terms of pay selected as Aeon Payment Gateway.

    Step 2 . Confirm the order successfully. You will be redirected to a payment system Aeon Payment Gateway.

    Step 3 .  Please check for accuracy. Ordering Information

    Step 4 .  Choose credit card type. Input credit card information. Click confirmation

    Step 5 . Please type “Payment Slip” to be used as proof of payment.

    * Wait for data validation , payment and shipping.

    If you have any questions about the payment can be contacted Call center 02-751-9360 #  606 , 304,305 ,090-090-6797  or send email to johnsonmkt@johnsonfitness.com

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